Made in USA

It is always great to share products that are made in the USA.  As we continue to research and locate items, the product sourcing will be updated and expanded.  We either determine the product is Made in the USA by reviewing the product description withinthe Amazon site or will go directly to the company site to determine the product manufacturing origin.  Note, that although some products may be “made in the USA” that does not necessarily mean the material is from the United States.  Some products manufactured in the USA have material from New Zealand (Merino Wool typical origin for example).



  • If looking to buy a product Made in the USA, always confirm that the specific product indicates the USA as the manufacturing location.  Some companies may manufacture products in different locations around the globe
  • Always weigh the pros and cons of the product Made in the USA compared to a product made outside of the United States.  Many products made in the USA are competitive in pricing and of exceptional quality.
  • As with supporting USA made products, it is also great to always see if there are local products or retailers that can gain value from your patronage.


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