Fitness books have been a great source of information on exercise routines, proper diets, recuperation suggestions, and giving insight into new exercises.  I have found that I tend to pick bits and pieces from a few different books while also finding information on the web.  Books are a nice way to readily have the information available and have all of the information in  a more structured format.

Fitness book considerations are not a lot different than what you would consider in buying a high quality running or cycling book.  I find fitness books to have larger variations of topics and content, so be specific in what exactly you expect out of the book before you put down money on a book that may not provide what you are looking for.

Some fitness books can be a great source of exercise routines or at least details on exercises and plans to help create your own routine.  Understanding the nuances of a balanced exercise, proper techniques and diet can go a long way.


  • Make sure the book has the information you are looking for.  In many cases you can browse the Content and Index sections along with some text to get a feel for the book.
  • Look at the reviews that others provide and make sure the important aspects you are looking for aren’t in the low rated reviews.
  • If you are deciding to purchase a digital version, be sensitive to the fact that if the book has graphs or charts, they may not come out fully readable due to size of text.
  • Look at getting a book that meets your exercise level and specific needs when selecting a book for workout programs.  Many programs can be pretty aggressive in workload and effort.
  • If you purchase a book you intend to use with exercise programs, make sure you are healthy enough to exercise.  It is always good to check with your doctor before using any routine you haven’t performed before.


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