Running is a great way to burn calories, get an aerobic workout and spend time outside enjoying nature. It can be a fun and exciting endeavor and I have found information in running books to be quite helpful. Depending on what you are looking for, the book you choose may provide information about running form, training programs, psychological preparedness, nutrition, etc. The book can be a valuable source of information to keep you on track to achieve your personal goals.

I have used books primarily to provide me with training concepts and some foundational routines. You can always modify to fit your schedule and desired time commitments. In addition, although books may provide insight into different form philosophies, I have found ones that address a personal need to be helpful.


  • Make sure the book has the information you are looking for.  In many cases you can browse the Content and Index sections along with some text to get a feel for the book.
  • Look at the reviews that others provide and make sure the important aspects you are looking for aren’t in the low rated reviews.
  • If you are deciding to purchase a digital version, be sensitive to the fact that if the book has graphs or charts, they may not come out fully readable due to size of text.


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