Cycling is a great exercise and one of my favorite aerobic activities. Although I tend to get a better workout from running, cycling has never caused me any ailments and is invigorating because you feel like you are really “moving” probably because of the travel distances you can accomplish in the same amount of time.

After years of just riding, I decided to improve my performance and a couple good books helped me not only with my cycling fitness but also with my running programs especially if the book contains concepts around heart rate zone training. Although your target rates may be different per exercise, the concepts of zones and training principles transcend to either sport.

When buying cycling books I looked for a broad range of topics to be covered and then bought books on specific topics to fill in the gaps. I steered away from the maintenance books as I was pretty mechanically inclined and had already rebuilt some bikes in the past. What I focused on was getting the proper bike, fitting the bike (although when buying a bike you can ask if they do “fittings” to your ergonomic needs, proper technique and training programs. Depending on your needs will dictate the best book for your needs. Also, I always want to recommend people to look at reputable websites for advice on select topics as well. I would recommend trying the manufacturer and/or local bike shop sites.


  • Make sure the book has the information you are looking for.  In many cases you can browse the Content and Index sections along with some text to get a feel for the book.
  • Look at the reviews that others provide and make sure the important aspects you are looking for aren’t in the low rated reviews.
  • If you are deciding to purchase a digital version, be sensitive to the fact that if the book has graphs or charts, they may not come out fully readable due to size of text.


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