Books are a great way to learn new things and an enjoyable way to spend an evening after a long ride. Nowadays you can purchase books over the internet or in a digital format that fits such devices as the Kindle.  I still like to take a look at the physical book and try to make sure it is written with information and in a style that fits my needs.  Nothing is more frustrating that getting half way through a book to find out it just doesn’t keep your attention or contain the information you wanted to see.

Although in most instances I typically tend to buy something in the store in which I shop, there are times when the deals online or in digital format are too good to pass up.  I do recommend either way looking at reader reviews and the Contents and Index to make sure the book covers the topics you are looking for.  The “view” function in Amazon and some other sites is also very helpful in checking out some of the text.

In the drop downs the books are broken down by running, cycling and fitness.  Although many of the considerations are the same regardless of the book, each has some unique things to put into your decision making process.

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