Apparel is an essential part to your overall fitness routine.  What you wear can make the exercise activity more enjoyable, safer and help your overall performance.  There continue to be advances in technology each and every day around improving such things as moisture wicking, water resistance, temperature control, etc.  Although it is still enjoyable to kick around in the old t-shirt or bounce around in those cotton socks, there is something to be said about advanced material that helps to keep you cool and pretty dry.  After a long run it can make a difference.

Now, moving to a more advanced material doesn’t always mean you have to step away from a natural product.  It is great to see the industry continuing to offer some amazing wool products with natural wicking and temperature controlling characteristics.  I tend to utilize wool products when possible as a personal preference.  And although I still like the feel of cotton, it doesn’t stay all that comfortable once you work up a sweat.

The drop down pages contain additional information about the products and gives you some considerations to think about when going through your own buying decision checklist.  In addition, most pages contain a few Amazon user rated (4+) products as a reference.


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