Video exercise programs are all the craze these days and many of them do produce results.  Having personally doing the P90X program, I can attest to the program being quite effective if you keep to the exercise and diet
programs.  I dropped about 10% body fat while improving cardio and overall strength.  The program also provided me with insight into different exercises to build into my own routine along with showing how to perform the exercises with proper form.  Other people I know have also achieved solid results in using one program or another.  Most of it can be attributed to increasing caloric burn while improving nutritional consumption.

The great thing these days is that the programs are becoming more varied and are more than competitive than the prices of many fitness centers.  My latest membership was around $90 for a 3 month period, although a annual rate is cheaper, the prices are comparable.  Although, with the possible price value of home programs and the ease of doing the program (right in your house), it is important to make sure it is something that you will do at least once, but hopefully over and over at least in a varied format.


  • Understand the initial physical “qualifications” or at least expect to not fully utilize the program until you get to a strong base level.  Discussing the characteristics of the program with a physician as always suggested.
  • Make sure the time commitment of the program can fit your daily schedule.  No sense in buying a program that requires 60min to 90min a day when you can only commit a half an hour.
  • Understand the equipment required to perform the program’s exercises.  Not only will you need to pay for the program but you may also need to buy some equipment.
  • Do a good assessment on whether you can exercise to a video and watch some of them several times throughout the exercise program cycle.
  • Although an exercise program will be beneficial within itself, a large component of the success of participants is based on dietary change.  Make sure you are willing to change your diet or at least expect less than optimal results.
  • Realize that results do vary based on many factors.


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