Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment is a fairly broad title, where the focus in the drop down pages are around video programs, weights/bands and other which includes ancillary “tools” to help make your varied workouts more enjoyable.

Exercise videos continue to become more popular and advanced in their routines and specific goals to be achieved.  The P90X program is the buzz and although a personal previous skeptic, the program can create some strong results if used within the context of the program guidelines.

Even with many of the exercise videos, weights and/or bands are essential to maximize your workout and achieve optimal results.  There are differences between weights and bands and a lot of the choice comes down to preference, ease of usage and in which environment you plan to leverage these weight lifting tools.

The drop down pages contain additional information about the products and gives you some considerations to think about when going through your own buying decision checklist.  In addition, most pages contain a few Amazon user rated (4+) products as a reference.

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