Keeping hydrated is an essential part to any form of exercise you perform.  When you are out on the road while cycling or hiking and even running, it can be critical in order to maintain proper performance output and create an enjoyable experience.  Water hydration devices can come in many shapes and forms along with being made of varied forms of material.

Over the recent years there has been a rise in the creation of BPA free devices to reduce the exposure to plastic components into your drinking water.  Although there is a large selection of BPA devices these days, not all forms of containers provide the option.  Where possible, I err on the side of trying to find a BPA free container.  In addition to the material, I try to understand the environment in which the container will be used.  I prefer Camel Back type devises since I was exposed to giardia when mountain biking through a stream where my water bottles were submerged.


  • Try to find BPA free water containers where possible if it is something you want to be part of your buying decision.
  • If you want something to carry in your bike cage or a carry strap, make sure the bottle will fit within the holder.
  • Determine the wash instructions to make sure it fits your washing expectations.  Some bottles may not be washing machine compatible.
  • Make sure you understand whether or not a bottle can accept hot beverages if you plan to use for hot and/or cold drinks.


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