Sunglasses are an essential piece of performance equipment for several activities in particular.  Not only do they protect your eyes from UV sunlight, but they are also valuable in reducing debris from getting into your eyes from such things as blowingsand, branches, etc.  It has also been stated that the shading of the sunglasses can also make you feel a bit cooler on a sunny day.  I like to wear glasses when running and cycling.  I have enjoyed Oakley glasses primarily as they seem to keep the most accurate site characteristics compared to the naked eye.

These days you can get sunglasses with multiple color lenses and more top end sunglasses are polarized with interchangeable lenses which allow you to put in darker glasses for day activities and clear lenses for night or inside endeavors.  Like everything else you wear, fit and activity demands are important factors.  For example, you may want to look at glasses that have more of a wrap around shape if you feel your peripheral vision is critical.


  • Make sure the sunglass style fits your sporting demands.
  • Determine whether you need changeable lenses, etc. in your purchase.
  • When looking at sunglasses also try to find a pair that doesn’t alter the image.  Oakley is stated to have very accurate vision profiles in their glasses.
  • Ensure the warranty is understood as well.  Sunglasses can be broken for many reasons and understanding if the product warranty fits your risk perspective is important.


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