The gear category can be pretty expansive.  It felt like the best approach was to start with what are believed to be some critical items after you get proper apparel.  The watches presented in this section are geared more towards exercise monitoring rather than telling time.  In some instances the watch probably can’t be worn throughout the day due to battery usage and size.  Watches have become an essential training tool for many “distance” athletes although there are still many people I know that run based on “feel” based programs where you guage your exertion level rather than monitoring HR or Pace.

Sunglasses always feel like an essential piece of equipment ever since you took biology or some other class where protective lenses were required.  Most people still use sunglasses to primarily block out the UV rays, but a high quality pair of sunglasses can have some pretty substantial and valuable protective characteristics.  Glasses are important when riding on the street and in the woods to help keep debris and dangerous objects out of your eyes.  It is also said that the UV protection can actually make you feel cooler.

Water is of course an essential need to sustain health and fitness during athletic activities, especially those that expose you to the sun, heat, and rigorous perspiration.  Advancements in carrying devices has helped make maintaing a water supply a bit easier.

The drop down pages contain additional information about the products and gives you some considerations to think about when going through your own buying decision checklist.  In addition, most pages contain a few Amazon user rated (4+) products as a reference.

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