Socks like shoes are an extremely important component to your exercise capabilities.  There is nothing worse than having a sock that has seams that help create blisters, a wicking material that doesn’t work or providing a
that either irritates your foot or leaves you feeling uncomfortable after prolonged usage.  A sock that may be great kicking around the house is different after running decent distances on a hot or cold day.  The sock can also be the deciding piece of attire that lets you complete a run/activity successfully.  My preference is to buy a pair of socks and put it through its paces and then if it is a brand and style that works for me, I buy several pairs.  Like shoes, socks need to work for your feet’s preference most importantly.  The Balega and Darn Tough socks work the best for my feet. They wick well and I tend to use wool (Darn Tough) socks more in the colder weather to help with heat and perspiration regulation.


  • Pick a pair of socks with strong wicking capabilities.  This is not only important in the summer but arguably more important in the winter.
  • Make sure the socks have minimal stitching.  That can create blisters after logging some miles.
  • Make sure the sock fits.  Although socks stretch, a sock that is too loose can move around creating potential blisters and too small can reduce circulation, etc.
  • If you run in the winter, you can select thicker socks if you prefer to help keep your feet a bit warmer.


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